Dog skin Report

Dogskin Report
Do dogs enjoy surfing?

Do dogs enjoy surfing?

Surfing is great for strength and balance, besides is fun to watch. It is an amazing workout for humans and if your dog knows swimming in waves, it may be good to try surfing. If not, you may teach them by offering required training to get used to waves. Start slowly by taking them near the waves, throw the ball and ask them to get it from water. All dogs run to the board front and this causes a nosedive in the waves.  There is a need for practice to stand holding the position on the board.

Guide to surfing for dogs

  • Begin with playing using different techniques and size boards as all are different. Many dogs fear the falling off and run away to the shore. Some may come, but some do not come in the water. Do not push your dog, if it dislikes this experience. There are plenty of activities, but for surfing.
  • Start by desensitizing your dog to the board and ensure comfortable standing on surfboard. It should stand perfects and you must praise them as they are on the board and ignore dogs while they are off boards.
  • Once canines are confident, they become comfortable. They learn to feel the water rhythm and exhibit their surfing style. Some stand forward and some take the side position or some orient such that they are on the board backwards.
  • These dogs are most beach and water lovers and they develop this positive attitude with boards and are ready to hang on comfortably. Once it fits the board, it learns the weight distribution on the surfboard and participates.

A few things you must know before taking your dog out surfing

Salt water is not good for your Fido, do not let them to stay in water for long hours and ensure to carry fresh water. Give them break even while playing in water or else with salt water and sand, it may get diarrhea.

Get a canine flotation device that offers correct fit. In case your dog falls off the board, even if it is the best swimmer, this device is of help. When there is current or it may get tumbled, so be prepared with flotation device as you do not know the ocean conditions.

Use soft top surfing board as dogs grip them better and it does not hurt them. Start with long board to get them learning to balance.