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Why Do Dogs Bury Their Food

Why Do Dogs Bury Their Food

If you have been very observant with you dog, I am very sure that you have at one point in time realized whenever your bring a real as well as an artificial bone for your dog, they will always run to the garden just to make sure that they hide that bone even before tasting it. In that case, you might have asked yourself why they have that particular behavior. This calls for some investigation and even sharing of insights regarding the reason why dogs bury their food even if they are delicious. Why should they bury them instead of eating them while they are still fresh?

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Dogs bury their food basically because of anxiety

Past experiences such as scarcity of food and competitions may drive your dog towards burying food. If your dog has experienced a life where food was up for grab then his behavior will always be in such a way that it will receive food and goes straight to the garden and it will automatically hide it. When a dog hides food, it has anxiety which is basically related to struggling for food. They will hide their food basically because they fear that they will be grabbed by other competitors. Sometimes Xanax for dogs can help.

Dogs bury their food to show possessiveness

If you have watched a dog, you will realize that it tends to show possession of food by basically burying it for future use. Possessiveness is normal and it is a phenomenon that can be even observed in human beings. The need to possess something for future use is common among dogs.

Over feeding leads to burying of food

When dogs overfeed, they will not basically show it directly but whenever you give it more food, the only option they will have is basically burying it so that they can feed on it later. Whenever a dog shows such a behavior, they will be telling you that they are full or they have overfed.

Dogs have instincts that tells it to bury

Dogs tend to bury not because they want to but because nature dictates that they bury and use it later. In that case, just like human instincts tell you to scratch an irritating part of your body, dogs tend to be led by instincts to bury their food always even if they are very hungry at that time. This are the few but not least reasons why dogs bury their food.