Dog skin Report

Dogskin Report
Why do dogs get boners?

Why do dogs get boners?

Dogs every body part can get affected or injured by disease and this also include the penis of the dog. The problem with dog’s penis is potentially a very serious health condition and it causes total discomfort. The penis has a mucous membrane presenting a red or bright pink coloration. However noticing a yellowish-white or even green discharge around the dog’s prepuce is normal.

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There were a few theories causing the chubby:

  • First on the dogs adrenal gland is a little nodule secreting hormones.
  • There are sex glands in male dogs and the testicles are removed by vets while neutering and it has another set at the penis base shaft. This base shaft pops like little two marbles, when he is excited.
  • The third point is to take care if he urinates or also gets an erection. There is a need to consider the urinary tract infection, if the erections continued.

Why do dogs get boners?

Normally, a dog’s penis is not apparent and this is because a protective sheath known as the prepuce covers it. Only when your dog is aroused it is visible and emerges out. There are few reasons:

Sex and play

Humping and mounting are normal behaviors. They result in the penis getting exposed. The dogs may hump or mount on objects including sexual activity, responding to exciting, stressful and also boring situations. On the other hand, the dogs understand the social standing and strength through non-sexual play.

In case there is constant humping in your dog, visit a vet and consider desexing. The neutered dogs also display erection and hump sometimes.  Getting aroused is not restricted to sexual behavior. Slight erection is normal in dogs where the genitals come out from the prepuce. Even belly rubs by its owner may emerge the genitals out or while you even give his favorite food. The dogs prepuce is smaller means there is more chance to view it comes out.

In case you have guests coming around and do not wish to display in front of others his erection, you can exhaust him with a game of fetch, a fun or even a tug of war, right before the guest’s arrival.

Medical conditions

In case you notice the erection of the dog even after few hours, it means he is suffering from Paraphimosis that is an inability to retract its penis into the sheath. This is dangerous as the exposed tissue may get damaged. Thus, it is best to take him to a local vet immediately.